Join Us in Celebration of
The International Year of Batik.


Join Us in Celebration of
The International Year of Batik.

Batik Guild Exhibition | On Until June 30th, 2024
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Naples Botanical Garden in Kapnick Hall

The Batik Guild Exhibition opened the first week of May and signalled the opening of the Year of Batik project, a serious attempt to legitimise and promote Batik as an art process and medium. 

The exhibition is in the Kapnick Hall at Naples Botanical Garden in Florida, situated in the middle of beautiful tropical gardens. 

The theme of the show is ‘Patterns of Change’ – how the rapid and intense change in climate has impacted all life on Earth. The group of Batik Guild international artists have created batik art that visualises environmental changes experienced and observed in their personal lives; inspiring change and rousing hope in our communities.

The exhibition looks amazing with such a variety of Batiks created by Batik Guild members from around the world – Sri Lanka, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, France, UK, Chile, Canada, and of course the UK. 25 artists are exhibiting with 31 batiks, all measuring over 24”x 24” (60 cms x 60cms).

There were over 400 attendees at the opening of the exhibition. People were asking questions. There were some sales on the night and more have followed since then. The exhibition is on till June 30th. Do try to visit it if you are in Naples. Many thanks to Muffy Clark Gill, Rosi Robinson and Anne Hanley for making this memorable show happen and be successful too. 

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Discover Batik's beauty at exhibitions and workshops worldwide! See vibrant colours and patterns in hand-dyed fabrics. Learn from artisans and experience this ancient craft. Collectors and textile lovers welcome! Plan your adventure today.

July 16th to August 10th, 2024

An Exhibition of International members of the Batik Guild!

Over 100 images of widely varying, high-quality batiks were submitted for selection by a panel of three judges, with 32 works being chosen for the Guild’s Exhibition ‘Celebrating the International Year of Batik’.

Twenty-three artists from eight countries will be represented in this fantastic exhibition.

Don’t miss the Reception and Celebration of the Guild on Saturday, 20th July, 12 – 4pm

Batik Guild Calendar 2024 for sale!

Are you looking for a gift for yourself or for a friend for Christmas, then why not buy a Batik Guild 2024 calendar? The calendar is full of stunning batik paintings from batik artists from around the world representing each month of the year. In addition, there are smaller images of the batiks by 49 Batik Guild artists who submitted work to be juried for the calendar.

There are pages describing the History of Traditional and Contemporary batik, and the History of the Batik Guild. Finally you can read all about the International Year of Batik 2024-5; learn about four batik galleries in Canada, Hungary, Germany and the USA and hear about the Batik Guild exhibition to be held at Naples Botanical Garden, in Florida USA. May 4th - June 30th 2024.

Please contact Jenn Adamson on adamson36a@yahoo.co.uk to order a calendar or call her on +44 1273 418042. The cost of a calendar is £8 plus postage. Within the UK, postage is £2.70. Jenn can let you know the postage from the UK, if you live in Europe, North and South America. and the rest of the World. You can pay via PayPal.

The Batik Guild 2024 calendar is full of colour and stunning batik images for each month of the year. The calendars make a very festive gift so please order one for a friend or relations too. It's an offer not to be missed! Have a look at a few images on the Shop page to tempt you...

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