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We’re thankful for our sponsors! Thank you very much, Renata Ferguson, Lawrence de Bivort, Vito Racanelli, Heather Koumi, Kiranada Sterling Benjamin, Susan D’souza and Sandra Borthwick.

A big thank you to Selvedge, a magazine about the culture of cloth, founded by Polly Leonard. Selvedge produced a special Year of Batik issue for March 2024, to coincide with the start of the Year of Batik and the Naples FLA Batik Guild show.

Launched in 2004 to celebrate our cerebral and sensual addiction to cloth, the magazine revolutionized the way textiles are presented and became the world’s leading publication in its field and now has a dedicated international following of over seventy-five thousand. As a continuation of the conversations that start on the pages of the magazine, Selvedge produces a podcast, newsletter, blog and inspirational Instagram feed – featuring artisans, adventures and opinions. These avenues are a meeting point for the community and an entry point into the world of textiles for those looking for an original and broadening perspective. Selvedge fairs. tours and educational experiences extend the opportunities to share knowledge and develop skills.