Brahma Tirta Sari: At Home With Nature and Ancestors

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Agus and Nia Ismoyo share the philosophy that underpins their life-long dedication to batik.

When we founded our studio in 1985, we were committed to exploring the rich lessons of traditional Indonesian art both in terms of technique as well as symbolism. Through the creative process and symbols of these ancient techniques, we have found an unending rich source of inspiration in our ever-expansive journey of artistic discovery. Our fine art batik studio Brahma Tirta Sari (BTS), which means “creativity is the source of all knowledge”, was founded on the belief that there are many relevant traditions rooted in cultures throughout the world which are important resources in the creation of contemporary art. Brahma Tirta Sari is a division of the Babaran Segaragunung Culture House which was founded to support the exploration of traditional cultures so that cultural lovers, researchers, artists, students and educators have a space to extend their understanding regarding these teachings about intangible culture. This is carried out through the use of one of the Indonesian ancient creative processes which are then adapted and grow as a method of development in an integral system within the contemporary culture at this time.

Creative process rooted in the natural elements

We seek to read the visual texts of traditional Javanese batiks, which are expressions of the knowledge imbued in batik’s cultural heritage. These visual texts are then used as guidance in a creative process that is unified in a kind of DNA of culture that grows in a natural way within artistic experience and is expressed in the form of contemporary batik art. We have received this knowledge from studying from our ancestral lineages as well as other sources, studying through oral and written traditions as well as the visual texts of traditional Indonesian batik. The richness of this batik tradition is founded in a deep connection to nature and manifested in an artistic ecology which supports the growth and development of all forms of artistic creativity.

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