Tea Bag Batik Project: Unveiling the Beauty of Waste Material

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Thetis Blacker Award 2023

Prepared by Ummi Junid

Batik, with its mesmerizing patterns and rich colors, has been an age-old art  form cherished by art enthusiasts worldwide. Seeking to push the boundaries  of this traditional craft, a distinctive project emerged in the United Kingdom,  where a novel idea was born – creating batik-inspired prints using an  unconventional material: tea bags. 

Inspired by the Waste Age Exhibition in London during early 2022, the project  took shape with the aim of questioning our responsibility as artists in giving  waste a second life. Armed with the vision of transforming everyday waste  materials into meaningful art, I embarked on this artistic journey. 

Drawing inspiration from traditional Malaysian batik motifs, I explored the  possibilities of printing batik-like patterns using a series of natural dye  swatches on discarded tea bags. The endeavour was both an artistic  exploration and a sustainable statement, showcasing how waste materials  could be reborn as creative expressions. 

Through this project, I delved into the uncharted territory of incorporating  waste into the realm of art, encouraging the audience to reflect on their  environmental footprint and rethink the potential of overlooked materials. By  infusing tea bags with vibrant hues and intricate designs, the project  conveyed a powerful message of upcycling and resourcefulness in the  artistic process.

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